Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Eye In Sky Weather

Weather Eye is now renamed to Eye In Sky Weather because of trademark conflicts in Canada and the US. I just released a major new version with loads more functionality (although there may be a few rough edges I need to iron out this week). This release includes a redesigned interface with 48 hour and 15 day forecasts. There is also now a tablet version, plus a bunch of minor tweaks, new settings and bug fixes.

Available on Google Play here.

I have set up a forum for bug reports, suggestions and general feedback here.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Tilt-Shift Faking

This is my attempt at faking tilt-shift. The picture is a shot I took in Croatia several years ago.



Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Wallbase HD Wallpapers for Android


This is an unofficial Android client for the amazing wallpaper website Wallbase.

Features include:

✓ Browse over a million HD wallpapers
✓ Set and save wallpapers
✓ Browse popular wallpapers
✓ Browse random wallpapers
✓ Browse popular tags
✓ Search by keyword/tags/color
✓ Filter by rating (Safe for Work and Sketchy)
✓ Filter by resolution and 4chan image board


Download here, or scan the QR code above.


Wallbase is a website which scrapes wallpapers from 4chan and then allows users to tag/moderate the wallpapers. If you find a wallpaper which is tagged/classified incorrectly then please visit the wallpaper on the Wallbase website directly to modify it. Please also visit the Wallbase website for handling copyright related issues.


This application is of high maturity. Do not use it if you think you will be offended!